Carolina Motorsports Park Track Event

The Factory Five boys are having a track event and have invited us to join them at Carolina Motorsports Park for a couple of days.  They want to see what our taillights look like I guess.  Since the Second Strike event this fall will not include track time, this might be a good chance to burn some rubber.  The invitation follows, just as Earl sent it to me.


General Information, very abbreviated version

CobraEarl’s FFR Accessories and Whitby Motorcars, Inc. invite you to attend an open track event at Carolina Motor Sports Park, Kershaw, SC. August 30/31. We hope to have many Cobras of many brands in attendance, maybe some CSX cars. There may be some mustangs, Corvettes and other cars there also.

The registration form is on the back of this page. When we receive your registration form we will send you a package of further information including event rules, track rules, a tech inspection form, directions, local motel information and other general information about the event.

The event will have a very similar format to a lot of Open Track events we have seen, in that we will probably have 3 classes depending on Driver experience and HP of the Cobra. Plus we will have a ladies class. Ladies can run with the guys. Each class will probably run for about 20 minutes then the next class will run for about 20 minutes. This rotation will go on all day long. This is a high speed event with limited passing, but this is not a racing event. There are no winners, no losers and no trophies. There will be no keeping of times (officially). If your wife wanted to time you, no one could keep her from it. There will be a tech inspection. Drivers will be required to have up to date SNELL RATED helmets. Cotton long sleeve shirts and long legged cotton pants will be required while on the track. Class A (Advanced) participants are encouraged to wear driver’s suits. The track is 2.25 miles and 14 turns... 35 foot of elevation change. We will have the whole track for two days. If you have never been to one of these, it will be worth your time to learn how your car handles at the edge.

Website for CMSP: WEBSITE:

Official Thread for the event is a postit thread at top of

CAMPING: we will have camping available both nights. (Friday and Saturday) Volunteers can camp for free. CMSP has electric hookups and a bathhouse with Showers. 

VOLUNTEERS: we are looking for Volunteers to help make this event a success. Drivers may be required to take at least one turn as a corner worker. Saturday Night, we will have a volunteer appreciation BBQ. Drivers that complete the Volunteer portion of the registration form will be considered to be volunteers also. There fore, they will be eligible for free camping and free Volunteer Recognition BBQ supper Saturday night. Anyone that wants to come as a volunteer, let me know and I will get you in.

CAR STORAGE OVERNITE: We will have a guard hired so we can leave our cars there over night on Friday night and Saturday night.

SPECTATORS: This is not a spectator event, that is, spectators cannot pay to come in. However, you can have a pit crew. Pit crewmembers may get asked to become active volunteers, also.

ALCOHOL: discrete use is allowed but, OF COURSE it’s not for drivers or volunteers during the hours of the event. The management of CMSP prefers that it not be around during the day. The track manager said there has never been a problem with alcohol at CMSP and WE ABSOLUTELY WII NOT be the first

KERSHAW is DIRECTLY SOUTH of Charlotte, about 60 miles. Took me exactly one hour to get back to Charlotte straight up hwy 521... But I may have violated some speed limits a little. 

REGISTRATION is open to all brands of Cobras on a first come basis. We will also accept vehicles that are compatible with Cobras as far as speed and handling is concerned. Your car should weigh over 2000 lbs. and have 11 (or fewer) lbs./hp. Roll bars are required on all open cars/convertibles. NO open wheel cars.

We hope you will come, have fun, and support this event. 

Click here for Registration Form

CobraEarl’s FFR Accessories

 336-940-4040 ask for Earl Groce


Whitby Motorcars, Inc.

336-373-0745 ask for Jeff Collins