Big Dogs to SSR


The rumbling started in January, soon after SSR dates were set. Are you ready for a...

Road Trip!!

A growing group of Southerners would band together on the road West to Branson Missouri.  The list is include here so you can identify the travelers in the photos. Maybe.

Hal Copple
    SP 672 Red/White
Jerry and Robyn Witt
    SP 410 Royal Blue/White
Bill and Charlotte Austin
    SP 604 Royal Blue/White
Frank Generazio
 SP 086 Guardsman Blue/White
Cliff and Karla Adair
    SP 322 Yellow/White
Jay and Barb McArdle
 SP 1956 Titanium/Black
Freddie Rice
    SP 770 Guardsman Blue/White

Your humble scribe, Mike Stenhouse SP 218, had to bail at the last minute. Medical stuff. So this is my contribution. Jay McArdle supplied the photos and prose.

The gang adopted the name "Big Dogs" and Jay McArdle, crafter of the Second Strike Club Jackets, made up some a**-kicking "Big Dogs to SSR" hats and denim shirts for the crowd.




The journey is 950 miles, depending on the starting point.  Leg one is 650 miles from the various starting points to Freddie Rice's place near Memphis, TN.

Jay and Cliff started in eastern Virginia and headed west to start the Big Dog Caravan.







Hal joins the caravan on I-40.








Frank, Jay, Cliff, Hal, and Jerry headed to Nashville.






The day ended with ribs and lethal concoctions at Flyin' Freddie's in Memphis. Joining the Big Dogs were Wes Banks SP 1481, Ron Frohs SP 723, Rich Bowden SP 1406, and Richard Price SP1301.






Big Dogs and friends from Freddie Rice's rib feast joined early in the AM at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast before the Big Dogs hit the road again.




On the road covering the final 300 miles to Branson on back roads through the Ozarks.









Friday we busted out early for Eureaka Springs. Hal, Jerry, Frank, and myself. Cool morning but great roads. Heading out crossing the dam.





Same dam thing (ha ha) . Great day, not a cloud in the sky.







Overlooking the Beaver Dam at Beaver Dam State park. Actually we were lost. Hal, Jerry, Bill and myself. We have great navigators we suck!






Jerry Witt showing the new guy how to snap off a hard left hander.







Snakes lined up in formation. I learned fast, stay with people that know where they are going. 1956 is ready to go.





Carroll and Pam DeWeese in the hard top. Cliff and Karla Adair without the top! It was cold, Cliff said we were all wimps. I think he was too embarrassed to admit he didn't know how to put his top on.







The pictures don't do justice to the site of 30 plus snakes winding through the countryside.







Steve and Linda McDonald showing their fangs! NICE!







Randall Thomas parking at the bottom of the dam. He was lost. The rest of us were waiting.






Waiting to board the diner train. I was late! Followed RT. He was lost again. Diane needs to take charge?






Check out the smiles! Everybody was having fun. Woodsy got a part time job as a conductor!






My wife Barb and I enjoy dinner with Steve and Karen Brown. Good to finally meet the "Den Mother".