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Prototype MK III

Mk III's 001 through 031 were the Hi-Tech prototypes. 001 and 002 were parked outside the plant as scrap and disappeared. They are rumored to prowl the surrounding jungle like ghosts in the night. 026 through 031 were never built. Regular production started with 032. Of the 23 prototypes delivered, only 10 have been located. The prototypes differed in a number of ways from the production cars as the factory experimented with design.

    SP 010 S/C, Blue, 351W, Cosworth 5-speed

    SP 011 S/C, Red, 351W, T-5 5-speed - Michael Goltz Germany

    SP 023 Roadster, Red, 289, T-5 5-speed - Bill Hagerup USA


    SP 512 Tony Scott gets a new engine

    SP 1275 427 Windsor Buildup - Joe Mangiaracina USA


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