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Kar Kraft GT40 MK IV

 For the past 20 years a group of dedicated GT40 specialists have be constructing seven exact duplicates of the Ford GT40 MK IV. These cars are known as Kar Kraft GT40 MK IV Continuation Cars and carry the numbers J-13 through J-19. The story of these cars is covered in detail in the SAAC World Registry of Cobras and GT40s, 4th Edition and in The Shelby American (SAAC newsletter) Summer 2010. As of May 2011, two of these cars are at Olthoff Racing in Mt Ulla, North Carolina where these photos were taken.


Pilot's cockpit.

Massive 427FE clearly displayed beneath the rear window.

427FE side-oiler with tunnel-port heads and very rare dual four barrel tunnel-port intake manifold. The stainless steel headers are the handiwork of Kenny Thompson, a master fabricator who supplied all of the fabricated parts for the project including the honeycomb chassis. They are a work of art. The Plexiglas carburetor housing encloses two Holley four-barrels each sporting a Plexiglas air horn.


The aerodynamic hood hides a great deal of complexity.

Pedal box shows both detail and excellence of fabrication.

OK! I'll take it. Let me go to my car and get my large suitcase full of cash.