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 Perana Z-One

2009 Perana Z-One
Manufactured by
Perana Performance Group, South Africa
Zagato Design, Italy

Corvette LS3, 364 cubic inches, 440 horsepower
Corvette LS7, 427 cubic inches, 505 horsepower
6-speed manual transmission

Wheelbase: 100.0"
Length: 173.5"
Width: 75.7"
Height: 48.5"
Weight: 2635 lbs

Estimated performance:
0-60 mph: Low 3's
Quarter mile: Low 11's at over 130 mph
Top speed: Over 200 mph
Economy: 26 mpg at 70 mph

The all-new Perana Z-One is the brainchild of Jimmy Price of Hi-Tech Automotive in Port Elizabeth. Developed and built in Hi-Tech’s factory and shipped to Europe, the prototype will be launched at the Zagato display at the Geneva Auto Show from March 3rd to 15th - a unique feat for a South African conceived, designed, engineered and developed car.

Available in the USA - 7/21/2010

Superformance Distribution is proud to announce their appointment as the US distributors of the exclusive Perana Z-One Coupe. The Perana Z-One will be unveiled at this year's prestigious "Concorso Italiano" which is being held on the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch in Monterey, California on August 13th, 2010.

Although the Perana Z-One was originally only destined to be sold into Europe, the UK and the UAE, there was a surprisingly strong response from the USA and , after due consideration, it was decided to make a limited amount of 99 per annum available to the US market. This exclusive, Zagato styled, hand built vehicle will be priced under $100,000.00 in the USA, exceptional value for a vehicle of this status.

The Perana Z-One is an ultra high-performance, front-engine sports coupé.
The intended performance package for the Perana Z-One is the latest emission compliant "E-Rod" GM LS3 (436 hp) or the GM LS7 (505 hp) engine teamed with a 6-speed transmission and the standard ZF limited slip differential.

The Perana Z-One is a genuine 2-seater coupé that enjoys the benefits of 50/50 weight distribution allowing for exhilarating, balanced and predictable road manners. The luxury cockpit is swathed in leather and Alcantara, with a navigation-entertainment system, air conditioning and power windows and doors locks.

The secret to the Perana Z-One's iconic performance is the near perfect combination of its supremely powerful engine, light weight design, balanced weight distribution and 6-speed performance transmission. Besides the anticipated performance capabilities of this 2,800-pound GT, owners get exclusivity and a body styled by the same crew that brought us the Maserati GS, Ferrari 575 GTZ, Spyker C12, Diatto Ottovu and Bentley GTZ.

We look forward to seeing you in Monterey for the Perana Z-One début. If you are unable to make it to Monterey, the Perana Z-One will be displayed at Superformance Head Office in Irvine until the end of November 2010.



2009 Geneva Motor Show, the Perana Z-One created a stir and received instant acceptance by a discerning press and public.

Perana Performance Group was then invited to attend the premier European concourse event, the "Concorso d' Elegaza" at Vila d'Este on Lake Como in Italy, where again, the Perana Z-One received much acclaim.


The development of the Perana Z-One (Pronounced Zee-One) all started when the Perana Performance Group commissioned the iconic Italian coach builders, Zagato, to create an avant-garde design for their new sports coupe. Nori Harada, head of Zagato Design, accomplished just that. With a design ethos relying on more than 90 years of deluxe individualized craftsmanship, the brief called for Zagato's trademark styling of the Perana Z-One to be Simple, Light and Aerodynamic.


"Having had close ties to the Superformance Group for many years and knowing just how well they understand that market has led to this partnership" Said Jim Price spokesman for the Perana Performance Group.

6 Autry, Irvine
California 92618
(949) 900-1950
E MAIL: info@superformance.com
WEB SITES: www.PeranaUSA.com   www.Superformance.com 


The Perana Z-One will be shown for the first time in the USA at the Concorso Italiano on Friday, August 13th, 2010.