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Superformance Mk II 289 Cobra
RSR 2001 Installation

Superformance Mk II

The development of the Mk II is the brain child of Ross Henry. Working with old friend Jim Price of Hi-Tech Automotive, Ross has developed accurate replicas of the 289 Cobra transverse leaf spring race cars. Two models will be produced, FIA (European spec) and USRRC (USA spec).

The Superformance Mk II FIA and USRRC are distributed by Superformance LLC and licensed by Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc.

For additional information about the Mk II from the Superformance web site, click here.

In mid-May, the first production car, RSR 2001, an USRRC spec racer, arrived at Olthoff Racing for setup and drive train installation. The photos here were taken during that process.





The USRRC (United Stated Road Racing Competition) was basically a racer spec. A number of modifications were allowed such as racing windshields, elimination of the passenger grab handle, suspension changes such as the heim joint suspension, and a custom dash layout.

RSR 2001 is a USRRC spec car.



The FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) specs are more production based requiring production components in the suspension and drive train, a production windshield, and dash grab handle, to mention a few. The FIA also required that a standard suitcase fit in the trunk.  Legend has it that when the suitcase did not fit, someone slammed the aluminum skinned trunk on the suitcase and produces the two dimples in the racer's trunk.











Interior showing USRRC  dash layout, production level seats, and front braced roll bar.














FIA spec dash layout




USRRC spec competition windshield








Radiator cavity showing air inlet for passenger compartment cooling





Chassis number RSR 2001 stamped on the front transverse leaf spring mount.








Front suspension







Front suspension detail showing transverse leaf spring/upper member, A-arm lower member with camber adjustment, and passenger compartment air duct








Rear suspension








Rear suspension detail showing lower A-arm and rear brake cooling duct







Rear wheel









Frame, from rear looking forward, showing round tube frame, differential fluid cooler pump, differential fluid cooler, transmission, bell housing, and engine sump






Engine compartment. Aluminum rearward slanted radiator. Single rear mounted large diameter electric fan.








Trunk with fuel pump, fuel filter, and fittings for auxiliary fuel tank.







35 gallon auxiliary fuel tank







Fuel switch on floorboard between drivers legs to switch from standard to auxiliary fuel tank