Dennis Olthoff recently traveled to
Hi-Tech in South Africa for a technical review and driving test of the new Superformance GT.
Testing was conducted with GT 002 fitted with a Roush 402R. GT 002 is configured as a Mk II.
Dennis reports that the GT is a well constructed car with the attention to detail, fit, and finish that we have come to expect from Superformance.
He also reports high levels of performance in braking, cornering and acceleration - fully competitive with today's high performance cars.
GT 002 will be shipped to Olthoff Racing as their development and demonstration car. Can competition be in its future as well?
Competitor's view?
With Noble at Aldo Scribante Raceway near Port Elizabeth
Drifting at Aldo Scribante
At Speed at Aldo Scribante
Testing was conducted with the period correct 15" Halibrand style wheels sporting the familiar Yokohoma Avid tires:
Front: 225 60 15
Rear:  295 50 15
From driver's door
Looking forward
Front Suspension
Looking down and aft
Front is to right
Right Rear Suspension
Front is to right
Exhaust System
Front is to left
Quick Jack at Rear