Superformance Brand and Products Transferred to Hillbank Automotive Group

November 14, 2005 - Irvine, California

In a joint statement released by Jim Price of the Hi-Tech Automotive Group in South Africa and Lance Stander of Hillbank Motor Corp and the newly formed Superformance LLC, Irvine, California, it was announced that as of November 1st, 2005 complete ownership of the Superformance brand and all of its products will be transferred from Price's South African location to Stander's Orange County, California based Hillbank Automotive Group. While Hi-Tech will remain the manufacturing source for the same high quality cars and products that Superformance has been famous for in the past 11 years, a new distribution headquarters will be formed replacing the previous Newport News, Virginia based facility.

Price states, "This transaction resulted from the long anticipated and planned retirement of Superformance Internationalís CEO, Ron Kruger. During the discussion regarding Ron's replacement, Lance offered to take responsibility and crafted a deal which was both logical and beneficial to everyone, answering numerous issues that faced the Superformance network."

Price went on to say, "With the expansion of our product range, the recent Shelby licensing agreement and numerous other exciting announcements for next year, we needed a larger, more independent and dedicated distributor in the U.S., allowing the factory to focus their attention on the manufacturing side for the Superformance products in South Africa."

Stander commented, "I was already looking to expand my business and with the benefit of having owned and managed a Superformance Dealership for the past 7 years, I foresee this as a tremendous opportunity for not only me, but the entire Superformance network by taking the already successful brand forward and into the future." Stander added, "we've moved into a huge new complex in Irvine, California and we're very excited and enthusiastic about the growth potential for the entire Superformance family of dealers and customers. We will be expanding both the range of products as well as the entire dealer network as soon as we are settled into our new offices in the next few months.

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