Run and Gun 2000
Preliminary Results

The following reports have been phoned in from the field. 
The reports are passed on to you as the best available at this time. 
We will be updating them as new information becomes available.

Stay tuned.

The six Superformance cars in competition are::
  Bob Olthoff, Superformance Southeastern dealer, driving the Superformance Coupe
  Dennis Olthoff, Superformance Southeastern dealer, driving the “race car”, SP245
  Lance Stander, Superformance California dealer, driving the Superformance S1
  Doug Reed, Superformance Southern dealer, driving one of his One Lap cars
  Billy Belcher driving SP163
  Bill and David Gilmore in SP 095 or SP 096

Also attending are:
  Ron Rosen, Midwestern Superformance dealer
  Ronnie Kruger, Superformance marketing from South Africa

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

The Olthoffs left before 6 am on Sunday and had an uneventful trip except for encountering a number of vicious thunderstorms and lots of rain along the way.

Monday was a complete washout.  It rained all day long and it was also bitterly cold, down to the 30's when taking the wind chill factor into account.  They had to sit around all day long in Doug's bus watching videos, telling jokes and talking cars.  I can't imagine how Dennis got through the day; he is far too impatient to handle that sort of thing well.   They even had to go shopping - poor Ronnie Kruger wanted to die of cold, he certainly didn't come prepared for this sort of weather so had to acquire some jeans and sweaters to survive.

Tuesday turned out to be a beautiful day with brilliant sunshine and temperatures in the high 60's - much more like it.  It was also a brilliant day for Superformance.   The Street Classes headed for the Auto Cross in the morning, while the Pro Classes had some practice time on the track.  Bob got some valuable time in and put up some impressive times in the Coupe.

Anyway, the Street Class Autocross section got underway and Doug Reed won the Street class overall, with Billy Belcher (Bruce Weber's nephew) Car # 163 second and Lance Stander won his class in the S1 and was 3rd overall.

In the Pro Classes Dennis won the Small Block Class with the race car and Bob the Big Block Class with the Coupe.   Dennis was the Top Dog overall in the Autocross.

While the Pro Classes were running the Autocross, the Street Classes headed for the track. Doug reported that he was once again the overall victor on Tuesday with a time of 1 min 17.3 (timed 132 mph down the straight), with Billy second 1 min 17.6 and Lance third with a time of 1 min 18.4 (timed 104 mph down the straight and despite losing it somewhat somewhere around the back).

Kit Car magazine is apparently going to do an article on the Coupe as well as on the S1 and after the day's events, a photo shoot took place - the last time I spoke to Bob was at 8 p.m. their time, when they just stopped in front of the hotel after the photo shoot.

So all in all, it was a very satisfactory day for the Superformance contingent.  Unfortunately though Gary Pryor and the Beck car did not put in an appearance so it seems like they're not having such stiff competition this year.  Nevertheless our boys all did very well.

Today the Pro guys are heading for the track and the Street Class will probably also get some more runs in but as far as I could gather, officially the Street Class results are final.

That's it for now.


Thursday, September 28, 2000

I’ve just heard the news - and its official, the final award ceremony has just taken place. I’m sure that all the members of the Second Strike Owners Group will be as delighted as I am with the results.

Dennis in the race car took Top Dog overall (and of course, by extension Top Dog Pro Small Block Class).

Bob in the Coupe was Runner-up Top Dog overall and Top Dog Pro Big Block Class

Doug Reed was Top Dog Street Class

Billy Belcher was Runner-up Street Class

Lance Stander was Top Dog 4-6 Cylinder Class in the new Superformance S1.

Doug Reed was also runner-up in the King of the Hill in Bracket Drag Racing Event. Stacy Pendergrass just beat him to the post.

Isn’t that just GREAT!!!


Friday, September 29, 2000

From the Hi-Tech Factory, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Congratulations on the Run & Gun results.

Everyone here is delighted and very proud of your achievements. Most of us also realize and know that results like that don’t come easy and it takes an incredible amount of effort, sacrifice, perseverance and of course skill to end up as you did. WELL DONE!