Run and Gun 2001
Preliminary Results

Dennis Olthoff will be representing us again this year. He will be running the same car SP 308 that he ran in the One Lap of America. Dennis won Top Gun in the Pro (Small Block and Combined) class last year. Yes BB fans, a small block won overall.

Bob Olthoff will not be joining him this year. He will be home minding the shop. Bob took Top Dog in the Pro Big Block class last year with the Superformance Coupe. Before all you BB fans get excited, the engine was a 351W stroker - 408 CID and 550 HP.

Doug Reed will be back. Doug won Top Dog in Street (Small Block and Overall) last year in his One Lap car SP 116.   Doug has also brought a second car and will apparently be running them both.

Bill Belcher will be back. Bill took second in Street (Small Block and Overall) last year is his Red/Black SP 163.

Cliff Cooksey (SP 912) will be there driving what I believe to be the Olthoff's demo S1.  If it is, it is running a stock Mazda Miata drivetrain.

Dennis, Doug, Bill, and Cliff  were all at both the Spring and Fall VIR events and all are talented drivers. We should all wish them well as they journey to St. Louis to represent us and Superformance. The outstanding competitive record of essentially standard Superformance cars has made a significant contribution to establishing Superformance as the one to beat and the one to own.

The following reports have been phoned/faxed in from the field. 
The reports are passed on to you as the best available at this time. 
We will be updating them as new information becomes available.

Auto Cross Results
Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Dennis phoned in then Faxed these preliminary results in this evening.

Some expected changes:
Aaron Quine will be moved to Pro.
Doug Reed will be moved to Prepared.
Bill Bonadio's run is expected to be disqualified.

Only the top three in each class or shown (or fewer if there are fewer in the class).
There are 5 Superformance cars at the event. We are leading in four of the classes entered.
The FAX is not entirely legible.  I have included times as best as I can read them.

Class Position Time Driver Car
Pro Big Block 1 35.670 Dennis Olthoff Superformance Mk III
2 38.048 Mike Miller Cobra Replica
3 38.283 Charles Howard Cobra Replica
Pro Small Block 1 37.176 Randy Swartz Cobra Replica (Propane)
2 37.381 Chuck Beck Beck Lister
3 38.372 John Guyan Mustang
Pro Power Adder 1 37.655 Jim Spences Corvette
2 38.406 Greg LaPoint Cobra Replica
Prepared BB 1 39.??? Rich Anderson Cobra Replica
2 44.??? Bob Self Cobra Replica
3 45.8?? John Hansen Cobra Replica
Prepared SB 1 37.??? Richard Oben Cobra Replica
2 38.??? Jim Schenk FFR Cobra Replica
3 39.??? David Seschuck FFR Cobra Replica
Prepared PA 1 3?.??? David Border FFR Cobra Replica
2 36.??? Bill Bonadio Dio
3 37.??? Rich Pickles Cobra
Street BB 1 39.282 Doug Reed Superformance Mk III
2 41.731 John Chestnut Cobra Replica
3 43.100 Richard Lake Cobra Replica
Street SB 1 39.395 Bill Belcher Superformance Mk III
2 38.133 Aaron Quine Corvette
3 42.074 Scott Richie
Street PA 1 40.??? Steve Pass FFR Cobra Replica
Street 4/6 Cyl 1 38.640 Cliff Cooksey Superformance S1
2 44.214 Bob Mustic Cobra Replica Buick V6

Thursday, September 27, 2001
Reports from SCOF - thanks guys!

From Eric Brown SP 992

Today was the drag racing, and although our boys gave it a lot, they are keeping their cars together for Friday and Saturday’s road course (watch em go!) Doug Reed came in 2nd in the Street bracket racing, but the time to beat for first would have been better than a 10.10 (Randall, where are yeah when we need ya???) So Dennis made some 11.63, and better runs, but said he could not get near 10 seconds. He tried, we had dropped the suspension in the paddock to squeeze Doug Reeds drag radials under Dennis’s car. I did not see that run, but I think it was a 11.40.

A Lister car came out and dropped the rear end all over the track.

Cliff Cooksey (SP 912) was driving the S1, and it turned best 15.1.

Bill Belcher (SP 163) looked fast, but could not hook up.

Richard Price (SP 746) was there, as was Ron Frohs (SP 723).

When I arrived in the morning at 7 am, Doug's car with an aluminum 427 had the clutch out (transmission too!) and he had one air freighted in from the night before, but it did not show up until like 9am. The boys from Superformance South (Doug’s guys) with Doug, got it all back together by 12:30. Doug was racing in his other car in between. Then Doug raced the 427 after lunch. Wow, if only it would hook up.....

All in all, an amazing day of racing! Rich found time to get some beer and lunch for all. Then got more beer for us spectators.

Friday September 28, 2001

More reports from SCOF
Eric Brown SP 992

I can not report any final numbers except the following data.

Dennis in his first "timed" hot lap, came flying into turn one (right after long straight), did a 360, and kept on going! Never touched the dirt! But they said he was out of control and black-flagged him. His second timed lap was a 1.09, not bad considering what was on his mind! Most people ran like 1.11, or 1.12 I think (remember, my first track event!)

Doug Reed ran better and better all day. The aluminum 427 side oiler was REALLY making horsepower! Doug got a little loose in his first run with his small block car, but then just kept getting better. I think he ended up best time of 1.11 or so.

The "little" S1 ran fast! I think Cliff Cooksey ran a 1.13 in that thing. It only has 100 hp!!!! We want to see Dennis drive one next year with 200 + HP. He would clean up, fer sure.

Bill Belcher drove hot in his 400 SPF! A VERY streetable car that ran with the best! He really had the line on the track (I think).

I saw Ron Davley SP 694 and his wife Jackie (very nice people), Richard Price (Rich, I still owe you for a lunch and beer), and today, Dougs mechanic (I am sorry, I think his name is Charlie) made Cajun Jambalaya in Doug’s massive motor home. We dinned like Kings on Jambalaya and sausage for lunch! Yummie.

I got a great ride with Dennis on a parade lap, and Dennis showed me the finer points of the road course. then he showed me how fast his car accelerates.....WOW! I raised my hands and screamed! What a hoot!

We (my son and I) had so much fun! The thanks go to Dennis, Doug and his guys, Richard, Ron, Cliff, and Bill. I will be sending all a copy of the video I made. The “family” of SPF was all over the place. I am so glad I bought the right car.

I will now buy a trailer this winter, and get my butt (and car) down to VIR to learn the ways of the Jedi, from Yoda Olthoff. Dennis looked over my car for just a second, “HE” made one adjustment, and my car runs even faster!!! Did I say faster??

From Mike Stenhouse

I talked to Dennis Friday evening.  The event is over.  Saturday will be awards at 10 AM followed by additional track time for fun. 

Dennis spun on the first timed lap on the road course and ran a bit slower on the second lap.  It appears that the Lister took the road course.  We will have to wait and see on the overall score.

Doug, Bill, and Cliff did well on the road course in their respective classes and will be bringing home some gold.

Dennis will bring the final results back with him when he returns Saturday evening late.  I will pick them up on Sunday and get them posted as quickly as I can.

Sunday, September 30, 2001
Unofficial Results

Doug Reed 1st Auto Cross Prepared Big Block
1st Road Course Prepared Big Block
1st Drag
2nd Drag 12:00 - 13:99
4th Place Top Dog Prepared Big Block (Overall)
Bill Belcher 1st Auto Cross Street Small Block
1st Road Course Street Small Block
1st Place Top Dog Street Small Block (Overall)
Cliff Cooksey 1st Auto Cross 4- 6 Cylinders
1st Road Course 4- 6 Cylinders
3rd Place Top Dog Street Overall
Dennis Olthoff 1st Auto Cross Pro Big Block
1st Road Course Pro Big Block
Runner Up Top Dog Overall

Dennis brought home four trophies:
Run & Gun 2001    1st Place Overall Top Dog
Run & Gun 2001    Champion - Auto Cross Top Dog
Run & Gun 2001    Champion - Autocross
Run & Gun 2001    Champion - Road Course