Cobra Desk Lamp

The Cobra Desk Lamp is no longer available.

Chris Patten (SP 1313) is a professional lamp maker. His company Lampcraft (TM) has been making custom lamps for over 50 years.  Chris designed this handsome desk lamp specifically for Cobra aficionados. 

The lamp features the Road Legends 1:18 scale 427 S/C in solid blue, blue/white stripes, or silver/black stripes or the Racing Legends 1:18 scale Daytona Coupe in blue/white stripes. 

The lamp base is black lacquered steel. The lamp shade is black parchment. The lamp base is approximately 10 inches wide by 5 inches deep and the lamp is 16 inches high.

As an option you can have a custom engraved name plate with your name and your Superformance model and car number.

Chris will also custom make a lamp for you with any 1:18 scale die cast automobile that you provide.  Contact Second Strike at

for details.

Prices including UPS shipping in USA are:
427 S/C or Daytona Lamp      $201
Custom lamp, your model     $181
Optional name plate                 $6

Shipping outside the USA is $10 additional.

Order with the Second Strike Order Form.

Note: All lamps are made to order. Please allow four weeks for delivery.

PS: The pictured lamp is the proud possession of yours truly and illuminates the creation of the Second Strike newsletters. The optional models shown are from my personal collection of die cast Cobras.

Mike Stenhouse


Cobra Desk Lamp with Solid Blue
 Cobra 427 S/C

Optional colors and models
Solid Blue 427 S/C
Blue/White Stripes 427 S/C
Blue/White Stripes Daytona Coupe
Silver/Black Stripes 427 S/C
Your choice