Jordan Shifter


Jordan Shifter
Jordan Track Shifter
Standard Black Knob
Optional Stainless Steel
Optional Silver Bullet Polished Aluminum


Bob Jordan has retired and moved to the beach. The Jordan Shifter is now made by Kenny Brown (SP 285) and can be ordered from:
Dennnis Olthoff
Olthoff Racing Inc
150 Cobra Ln
Mount Ulla, NC 28125-6786

Available options may be limited. Inquire with Dennis.

Every Superformance Mk III comes with a reproduction of  shifter that Ford used with the four-speed Mustangs and Galaxies.  For the Fords, the shifter angled to the rear. When used on the Cobras, it was reversed and angled to the front to compensate for the extreme reward position of the engine and transmission.  The Superformance shifter (shown of the left)  is a faithful reproduction, right down to the reverse lockout "T" (non-functional) and the four-speed knob.

The Jordan Shifter (on the right) is designed and crafted from solid 5/8" stainless steel billet by Bob Jordan (SP181) as a bolt on replacement for performance driving.   SP 218 has had one for a  years now and it is an improvement over the 1960's original in comfort, speed, and precision. The Jordan Shifter is designed for the more natural "palm vertical" grip.  It eliminates the "T", which jabs the palm on quick shifts. It is shorter and shifts quicker. The shorter lever arm also makes it harder to overpower the 5th gear detent, reducing occurrences of the dreaded adrenaline induced and embarrassing 2nd to 5th snap shift.  The Jordan Shifter is recommended for both street and track use.



The Jordan Track Shifter provides an even shorter throw. It has a corresponding higher effort and is recommended for track use only.

Bolt Pattern

When you order, specify
Old Style
    (Tremec 3550, 3550 II, TKO, TKO II, T-56)
New style
    (Tremec TKO-500, TKO-600)

Knob thread size

Standard: 3/8-16 (Period knobs)
Optional:  1/2-20 (Superformance thread)

Your shifter and knob will be shipped with the 3/8-16 standard thread unless you specify otherwise. There is no charge for the optional thread sizes.


The Jordan Shifter, Track Shifter, and Tall Boy Shifter include a Standard Black Knob. Optional knobs include a Polished Stainless Steel Ball and the awesome Silver Bullet, the polished aluminum version of the Standard Knob.

Polished Stainless Steel - 1 7/8" dia, 3/8-16 thread
Silver Bullet Polished Aluminum - Same as Standard Knob

Hurst Classics - 1.75" dia, black or white, 4, 5, and 6 speed patterns, 3/8-16 thread. Available from Summit Racing. Click here for details.


For the "old style" Tremec 3550 and 3550 TKO:
The mounting bolt holes are drilled for 5/16" (8mm) bolts. The bolt holes are 0.846" (21.5mm) on center. The Tremec bolts are M8x1.25x25 Grade 8.8 (metric).

For the "new style" Tremec TKO-500 and TKO-600:
The mounting bolts holes are drilled for 3/8" bolts. The bolt holes are 0.875" on center. The Tremec bolts are 3/8-24x1 (American Standard).
The "new style" shifter will fit both "old style" and "new style" transmissions. If you are unsure, order "new style".

End to end straight line length of shifter, without shift knob:
Original T-handle lever: 10 3/16"
Jordan Shifter: 6 7/8"
Jordan Track Shifter: 6 3/8"
Standard Black Knob adds about 2" to length
Round shift knob adds about 7/8" to length