Superformance Mk III

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Console Standard Features

 Padded leather armrest
 Hinged lid with internal storage
 Carpeted to match Mk III interior
 Retractable two position cup holder
 Rugged construction from 1/2" stock
 Simple installation. Instructions included.

Console Options

Key Lock
Audio Systems Foundation

Most Consoles are ordered without audio equipment. However, if you are interested in adding an audio system, see:
Optional Audio Systems Foundation below.

Console Features

 During an extended road-trip in upstate New York, Tony Revetti (SP 1085) realized there was something he needed in his Mk III. He built a custom fit, high quality center console incorporating key features for driver and passenger, as well as provide additional storage for the odds and ends that tended to litter our cars during longer road-trips.

This excellent console is now available to all owners through the Second Strike Store. The console offers a striking OEM appearance. Incorporating a contour matching leather armrest that is professionally dye-matched to the Mk III's black leather. A smooth transition to the interior is provided by  matching the console's front/ rear angles with that of the Mk III. Original style carpet material is utilized on front and side surfaces to enhance the OEM appearance of the entire assembly.

Hinged Lid with Internal Storage

Although out of sight, the console's interior is also ready to perform. Components such as the self-aligning magnetic latch system, heavy duty stainless steel hinge assembly and multiple applications of vinyl coating ensure the interior can standup to the rigors of every day use.

The console is 16" long, 6" wide and 6.5" high with 250 cubic inches of storage.

Console with 2.5 lb Fire Extinguisher

A step down at the rear of the console provides space for a fire extinguisher to be mounted on the rear bulkhead if you so desire. Fire extinguishers using the Halotron agent are recommended such as the HalGuard HG100C (1.4 lb, 10 high) and the HalGuard HG250C (2.5 lb, 15 high).

The Console works well with the original shifter and with the Jordan Shifter, Track Shifter, and Tall Boy Shifter.

If you ride with the tonneau cover folded behind the seats, there is room for the folded tonneau as well.

The console is attached with either industrial grade Velcro (included) or screws (included). Complete installation instructions are included.

Standard Cup Holder

Two Position Cup Holder

The left tab raises the lid. the right tab slides out to provide a two position cup holder.

Optional Key Lock

An optional key lock for the console lid, shown in the initial photo, can be installed with the initial console order. When ordered with the Console Mounted Pre-Amp, the key lock is on the left side of the console.

Optional Audio Systems Foundation

The Second Strike Store offers the following optional Mk III specific custom components as the foundation for your audio system:
 Console
 Console Mounted Pre-amp
 Flush Mount Speaker Boxes

To which you add your choice of components available from your local electronics or car audio store or online:
 Trunk mounted amplifier
 Front speakers
 Rear speakers
 And of course, the source of the sound

Console Mounted Pre-Amp

The Console mounted pre-amp can be added at the time of Console purchase.

Audio System Controls

The controls are mounted on the front of the console and can be easily used while the car is in motion. Controls include front-rear fader, volume, and bass, mid-range, and treble adjustments.

The high quality V8 Audio VC1 miniature
Pre-Amp is made specifically for automotive use and fits snugly in the front of the console.

Front and rear jacks are provided for several types of auxiliary input.

The Console Mounted Pre-Amp is available installed in the Console for $125.

Flush Mount Speaker Boxes

The Flush Mount Speaker Boxes are designed specifically for the Mk III to work effectively behind the seats with no cutting of the bulkhead required. They are covered with carpet matching the interior carpet giving them a factory installed appearance. The speaker boxes mount to the rear bulkhead behind the seats with two small screws per box (recommended) or Velcro.

Flush Mount Speaker Boxes

The Flush Mount Speaker Boxes are designed for standard 6x9 automotive speakers. They can be ordered pre-cut for 6x9 speakers or blank for you to cut to fit your speakers.

The Flush Mount Speaker Boxes are available from the Second Strike Store either with your Console order or separately for $150 a pair.

Trunk Mounted Amplifier

The recommended amplifier is the Alpine Model F 240. It is perfect size and has ample power. Its performance has been tested to 100 mph. On a closed course with professional driver and proper safety equipment of course.

Rear Speakers

The Infinity Kappa Model 693.9i 6x9 3-way speakers are recommended for performance and weather resistance.

Front Speakers

Small tweeters such as the Polk db1000 1" dome tweeters can be discretely mounted on the front of the dashboard in the corners, providing a surround sound. The speakers  can be attached with Velcro so that no modification is required to the dashboard.

Polk db1000 1" Dome Tweeter

And of Course the Source of the Sound

Bulky tuners and CD players are a thing of the past. Front and rear jacks are provided for several types of the latest in compact auxiliary input including:
 Your iPod for thousands of your favorite tunes
 AM/FM radio tuners
 Sirus/XM satellite radio tuners
 Smart phone internet and cell broadcasts