KP Racing Components
Power Steering System
For Superformance Mk III

The KP Racing Components Power Steering System was developed by Kyriacos Panayiotou, owner of SP 827.

Order directly from KP Racing Components.

Kyriacos Panayiotou
617 E Ridgefield Dr
Boise, ID 83706-6434

With its quicker ratio and power assist, the KP Racing steering ratio is perfect for track events, autocross, and easy cruising. It's similar to the units in the GT racers and the Saleen S7. The rack and pinion assembly is manufactured by Woodward Precision Steering and is a special version on the power rack in the S7. It has been tested in Autocross, Track Events and Hill Climbs.

It is very simple to install. It requires no modifications to your existing chassis. You simply drive or trailer your car to a certified welding shop (TIG welding) and weld on the small chassis brackets that are provided with the kit.

It's estimated that no more than one hour of labor for the welding of the chassis brackets will be required. The original steering rack can then be connected to the original position and drive home. All other items are bolt-on and it can easily be installed with a minimal amount of time.

The kit comes complete with the following:
Power steering rack
Servo specifically tuned for the Superformance Mk III
Specifically tuned torsion bars to accommodate the
Main and intermediate steering column shafts
  manufactured from chromoly 4130 tubing, which
  provides great weight reduction.
All racing quality u-joints
Racing pump designed for the correct flow
All hoses and fittings for plumbing
Billet aluminum pump bracket with machined
  aluminum spacers to line up with a double crank
  pulley. The part number for double crank pulley is
  provided in case you do not already have one.
Steering tie rods specifically machined for the
High angularity rod ends
Billet aluminum rack brackets
Chassis brackets
Racing fluid reservoir with baffles and bracket to
  attach to the chassis
Complete illustrated installation documentation

Pump and Reservoir

Rack Assembly

Mounting Brackets

Tie Rod