Superformance Mk III
Drivetrain Specifications Handbook

Companion to the Superformance Mk III Owners Manual!!

This is another "must have" for every Superformance Mk III owner!!

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86 pages packed with valuable information about Superformance Mk III engines, transmissions, and rear ends!!

Along with the Superformance Mk III Owners Manual, the Drivetrain Specifications Handbook is a valuable reference for all who own, build, sell, work on, or provide technical assistance for the Superformance Mk III. The Handbook will assist Superformance Mk III owners identify and quantify their drivetrain components, answering the two of the most frequent questions from owners, "What kind of engine (or transmission or rear end) do I have in my car?" and then "What are the specs?"

The Drivetrain Specifications Handbook is the most complete and comprehensive compilation anywhere of the Superformance Mk III drivetrain components - engines, transmissions, and rear ends. The 94 page Handbook covers drivetrain components from the introduction of the first production Mk III in 1995 to the present. It emphasizes all components historically favored by Superformance Owners. Much of the detailed information included is no longer available anywhere else.

The Drivetrain Specifications Handbook includes:

   Car Number and Vintage Identification

   Car Weight and Geometry

   Engines Family Identification

   Production and Production Based Ford Engines

   Crate Engine History

   Crate Engine Identification and Specifications for Ford, RDI, Roush, and Shelby

   Component Identification and Specifications for Blocks, Crankshafts, Oil System,

       Cylinder Heads, Camshafts, Intake Systems, Air Cleaners, Ignition, and Valve Covers

   Transmission Identification and Specification for Tremec 5-speed, Tremec 6-speed,

       Ford Toploader, and Ford Automatic

   Rear End Identification and Specification for Ford 8.8, BTR/Dana, and ZF

   Techniques for Estimating Gearing

   Ford Part Number Decoding

   Comprehensive References


The information in Drivetrain Specifications Handbook been drawn from many sources.
   Current and archival records including catalogs and marketing materials of the component
       manufacturers, most of which are no longer available.

   Current and archival website information from the component manufacturers and enthusiasts.
       Website information is particularly volatile - here today and gone tomorrow. Website
       information has been scanned periodically and saved, preserving the information contained for
       future reference.

   The extensive book, document, and photo library of Second Strike dating back to the early 1960's.

   The extensive information maintained in SCORE, the Superformance Owners Registry.
       The registry information was essential in selecting the specific components to include in
       this handbook.

   The knowledge and experience of many members of the Superformance family, particularly
       SCOF members, Preston Miller from RDI, and Dennis Olthoff from Olthoff Racing.

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