Taller Roll Bar

Updated 01/29/02

The Taller Roll Bar is designed to meet the technical requirements of certain sanctioning bodies and tracks for a roll bar that extends above the drivers head. The Taller Roll Bar is a single hoop roll bar just like the standard one, but it is 2 3/4” taller. It meets the VIR requirement for Dennis Olthoff, who is 6' 2" tall. It is up to you, the owner, to determine if the Taller Roll Bar meets the technical requirements in your specific situation.
Standard Roll Bar

In some situations, the standard period correct roll hoop is lower that the drivers head.  For reference, the standard hoop is 1 1/2" in diameter with 0.090" will thickness.

The driver shown is Dennis Olthoff. The car is SP171.  Dennis is 6' 2" tall and is sitting fully upright in these pictures. The helmet is regulation. SP171 has been fitted with the new diaphragm seats with thicker padding.

Taller Roll Bar

The Taller Roll Bar is designed to fit the Superformance Mk III without modifications to the car. The installation is not permanent and the standard roll bar can be reinstalled for street and show if desired.

It is a three-point design like the original, uses the same mounting points as the original, and fits through the same holes in the body. It fits under the hard top and under the soft top. No modifications to the car are necessary to install it. It has a slightly larger 1 5/8" diameter and a thicker 0.120" wall thickness.

An owner with basic mechanical skills can install the Taller Roll Bar. No cutting or welding is required for installation.

The Taller Roll Bar is unfinished so that the owner can paint, powder coat, or chrome as desired.

The Taller Roll Bar is available from the Olthoffs. The price is $300. Installation is approximately $70 if they install it.

The Taller Roll Bar can be ordered from:

Olthoff Racing, Inc.

150 Cobra Lane

Mt. Ulla, NC 28125


Olthoff Racing