Technical and Maintenance Documentation

Additional Sources Of Technical and Maintenance Documentation

SCOF Member Tools (some require a password. See Superformance Owners Groups)

Advanced Wiring Diagrams (PDF download 0.3MB)


Historical Documentation

Second Strike website - newsletters


Service Parts and Upgrade Parts

Superformance Parts Sources

Second Strike Store

Performance Unlimited's Cobra Valley (SCOF)

Superformance LLC (click on "Parts")

Olthoff Racing, Inc. (click on "Parts and Accessories")

Cobra Parts Sources

Finish Line Accessories

Cobra Restorers

Tony Branda Performance

Holman Moody

Carroll Shelby

David Kee Toploader Transmissions

Cobra Wheels

Trigo Wheels

Vintage Wheels

Dayton Wire Wheels


Smiths Instruments at Nisonger Instruments - sales, warranty, service, parts

Auto Meter Cobra Gauges at Auto Meter - see Cobra product line

Purchase at Summit Racing or Finish Line

Specific Parts

Safety wire pliers and wire

Locking gas cap

Protective film for front of car

Protective film for windshield

Halotron fire extinguisher at Summit Racing - search for "HalGuard"

Optima Spiral Cell Batteries

Wiper Blades at Moss Motors

    164-980 $9.75 BLADE, wiper, 9", Austin-Healy BN2, BN4, BN6, BN7, BT7

Shift Boot at Classic Sunbeam Auto Parts

    BT113 Shift Boot Tiger $28.95 Each

Wash and Wax Products

Zaino Show Car Polish Products

Groit’s Garage

Mother’s Polishes * Waxes * Cleaners

Lexol Leather Care

Exotic Metal Polish

Simichrome Metal Polish



Rear Wheel Spacer Elimination. Click here for instructions (22KB PDF)

Sealed Beam Headlight Conversion. Click here for instructions (1.0MB PDF)


Vendor Supplied Information

Ford Racing Performance Parts

Ford Racing Performance Parts (click on "Parts Catalog")

Engine Installation and Tuning Tips  (PDF download 58KB)


Brake Pad Bedding Procedures  (PDF download 30KB)


Instructions – Hub Kit  (PDF download 87KB)

Tremec Transmissions

www.ttcautomotive.com - Old webite for older products

     See "Product Literature"

www.tremec.com - New website for newer products

     See "Support Center/Tech Literature"

Note: "3550" refers to TR-3550 and TR-3550 TKO.

          "TKO" refers to TKO-500 and TKO-600.

3550 Parts Catalog  (PDF download 6.4MB)

3550 Service Manual  (PDF download 2.7MB)

3550 and TKO Service Manual  (PDF download 3.1MB)

3550 Mid Shift Conversion Kit  (PDF download 0.6MB)

TKO Installation Tips  (PDF download 0.1MB)

TKO Mid Shift Conversion Kit  (PDF download 0.5MB)

TKO Parts Catalog  (PDF download 0.8MB)

T-5 Service Manual (PDF download 2.5MB)

T-56 Service Manual (PDF download 2.1MB)

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