Second Strike / Olthoff Racing Track Event
Fall 2002
Lowe's Motor Speedway

Dawn breaks...
Second Strike salutes the special kids at Thompson Children's Home in Charlotte to whom the event was dedicated.
Getting ready for the day in the NASCAR garage. This is hallowed ground.
The instruction started early on the Figure-8...

(The Millers took "Greatest Distance - Driving" honors for driving up from their vacation home in Florida. With all that practice, you wouldn't think extra instruction was necessary.)

And it continued...
And it continued...

What I heard was, "If you do good, you will get a 'special' reward".

Some folks just can't wait!
Do I want to go fast...
Or have fun...
Bob gives Teddy some instruction.
Angie gives nauseous Teddy comfort!
Scott Bigham took FTD (fastest time of the day) in Autocross on Saturday and overall for the event.
Steve Niebauer took FTD in autocross on Sunday.  He also won the award for most miles in the past year. SP1116 is a little over a year old and has 20,000+ miles.

That's Steve's car with Amanda driving in the Figure-8.

Carol "Ma" Barker took FTD in autocross for the ladies.
Amanda Niebauer at the wheel on the NASCAR banked oval. 

Amanda took second in Autocross for the ladies. She also took the "Where were the girls like this when I was a teenager" award. 

Lowe's Motor Speedway. Felt by many to be the best motor sports facility in the world.

The Track Event was held on the infield oval portion of the road course.  The 0.7 mile track (dotted line) has 8 turns and a short 100 mph straight. Average speed for the fleet of foot was a quick 60 mph.

At the end of the straight are a series of three increasingly tighter right hand turns.  The last right and the following left provided the greatest "entertainment" for the fans.
The excellent staff of instructors provided in car instruction to all who requested it.  Here Bob Olthoff shows Charles Mansfield the correct line through this challenging turn.

Charles is showing Bob how fear can enable an ordinary man to poke grip holes in the dashboard with his bare hands. After changing his Depends, he was good as new.

Thrill seeker Mari Mansfield signed up for the "Richard Petty Driving Experience" - three hot laps around the banked oval in a NASCAR stocker at speed.  She then left the event for a while and came back with a fresh set of clothes. What a fashion plate!
Chris Copple shows good form here.  Note that the outside tires are well planted and the inside tires are just skimming the track.

Later in the day a deep off track penetration into the tall grass won him the "Greatest Agricultural Accumulation" award. With a little water and fertilizer, he could have started a turf farm on the hood and trunk lid.

Hal and Chris have 40,000+ miles on SP672.

Nobody can push the envelope of adhesion like Dennis Olthoff. This time it gave him the opportunity to push a broom as well - removing his spin residue from the track.  

Dennis went home with the "Golden Broom" award for his efforts.

"Best Rig" went to Bob Davis
"Greatest Distance - Towing" went to Steve Hamm from Edina, Minnesota!!

Alas, when I went to take his picture, Scott Sommer from Bristol, Wisconsin drove in front of him and blocked the shot.  But what the heck. Wisconsin is just about as far away.

Three of the 14 registered 427 CID 351's have a family meeting in the NASCAR garage.
Bob and Diana Walker set the style with matched driving suits...
... and set the standard for honesty in license plates.
Sunday started with several parade laps around the NASCAR banked oval.

The red, white, and blue cars on the front row all have Willment stripes and are about the only cars that do. 

Red- Bob Jordan SP181
White - Bob Olthoff - SP171
Blue - Larry Miller SP6

Well Pat, is it steep?
NASCAR Turn 4 at speed

(Photo by Pat Stenhouse hanging off the back and really talking about it! I mean a lot! And loud!)

Snakes in the mist...


Note: Staff members were not included in the Autocross times. Including staff, Dennis Olthoff had fastest time and Bob Jordan was second.

Special sadness: I cannot find a picture of "Best Sunburn". If you have one, send it in!

Special thanks to Bob and Dennis Olthoff for all they do to make these events possible.

Thanks to the event staff:
Tonya Barga - Autocross Marshall
Hal Copple - Track Marshall
Mac DeMere - Instructor
Terry Freck - Track Marshall
Bob Jordan - Instructor
Larry Miller - Track Marshall
Alison Olthoff - Autocross Marshall
Bob Olthoff - Instructor
Dennis Olthoff - Instructor
Chris Phelps - Instructor
Mike and Pat Stenhouse - Event producers
Jerry Witt - Jack of all trades
David Yeager - Video photographer

And a special thanks to Pat Stenhouse for all the gourmet delights at the Friday and Saturday night social events. And for the Second Strike "Boutique in a Jeep".

Altogether we had 48 cars and 70 drivers from 13 states. Many came with their spouses and families.  It was pretty clear that Superformance owners marry way over their heads, and everybody seemed pretty happy about it!

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!