The Ultimate Big Block

Now that I have moved to Davidson, North Carolina, RDI in Cornelius is right around the corner. Preston Miller at RDI put together "The Ultimate Windsor" for SP 218. I drop by once a week or so to see how things are going.

Last week, they were working on this baby, which must be the Ultimate Big Block.

Set up for street use on pump gas, this monster cranks out 1050 horsepower at 6800 rpm and 800 lb-ft of torque at 5100 rpm. Kick in the nitrous and add 300 ponies.

Aluminum four bolt main RDI/SVO big block
  Siamese bores with iron sleeves
  4-bolt mains with steel caps
  10.320" deck height
  4.500" bore by 4.250" stroke
  540 cubic inches
RDI/SVO aluminum Boss hemi heads
  2.45" intake valves. 1.90" exhaust valves.

Hand made sheet metal intake manifold supporting a BDS rootes blower. And check out the size of the monster hemi heads relative to the size of the block.
Check out the plumbing. Port fuel injection. And port nitrous injection.


So why not stuff this baby in my Mk III?

This monster is a bit of a bear to fit in the
Mk III engine compartment at:
32" wide, valve cover to valve cover
33" long, blower drive to rear of block
48" high, oil pan to top of intake.

And it is, well, expensive.

The engine beside it? You guessed it.
An RDI 351W. It's vital statistics are 22" wide by 29" long by 18" high. Shoe horn not required!