Second Strike On Track
Fall 2000
Virginia International Raceway

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Sunday Morning - 14 of the 38 Superformance Mk III's

Dawn breaks over the rolling Virginia Piedmont. The drivers gather in the morning mist. Their leader gives them the mission for the day and the rules of engagement. They turn and walk to their waiting machines, slip into the cockpit and strap themselves in. They pull on their helmets and goggles. One pump, a second pump, then hit the starter. The starter whines. One cylinder lights off, then another. The engine bellows to life. The sweet perfume of high octane fuel permeates the air. A few revs to clear the plugs then taxi to the starting grid. Oil pressure - check. Water temperature - check. Oil temperature - check.

 Then it is your time to launch. Revs up and holding. Breathe deeply. The flag drops. Tires claw for traction. The engine screams to the redline, then second, then third, then fourth. Speed builds rapidly - then it is time to brake and turn. Heavy g forces pull you forward against your harness, then sideways, then back in your seat again as you apply full throttle toward the next turn, the engine thundering in your ears.  And now you know!  This is your destiny!  Your machine was born to run!


MorningLineUp.jpg (8928 bytes)

Dawn breaks!
The squadron has been briefed.
Gentlemen (and ladies), take flight!


DraggingSnakes.JPG (12923 bytes)

Bob and Dennis Olthoff round Oak Tree corner and nail it down the Back Straight


StartingGrip.JPG (12515 bytes)

A lot of horses champing at the bit on the Starting Grid


OneLapCars.jpg (12585 bytes)

SP116 and The Coupe
The One Lap 2000 cars reunited

The Event

On a warm sunny September weekend, 38 Superformance Mk III owners, 18 Mustang owners and 6 owners of other high performance machines gathered at VIR - Virginia International Raceway - for two days of fast cars and fine camaraderie. The weather could not have been better - clear bright skies with temperatures in the mid 80's.

The event was sponsored by Olthoff Racing, the Southeastern Superformance dealer, and Second Strike, the Superformance Mk III Owners Group. We had the South Course and a Porsche group had the North Course.

Registration and tech we completed early Saturday morning, then it was on to the track. First timers and others who wanted to went to the Autocross area in the North Paddock for "Introduction to Driving at the Limit of Adhesion" hosted by Dennis Olthoff and Bob Jordan.  The rest started with a few preliminary runs to get the groups sorted out.  We broke for a buffet lunch at the North Paddock and got serious in the afternoon.

The run groups were:
  - Experienced Sports Cars
  - Intermediate Sports Cars
  - Experienced Mustangs
  - Intermediate Mustangs

We didn't have any slow cars, so we didn't need any slow classes.

Within groups, cars were released onto the track at about 5 second intervals to give everyone some room on the track.  Passing was allowed only on the straight away.   Drivers were able to run at their own pace without being pressed from behind or blocked in front.

While one group was on the track, the next group staged in the pit area.  As soon as one group pulled off the track, the next group was released.  Each session was 15 to 20 minutes, so everyone got a session every hour or so.  The intervals between sessions were filled with tweaking of machines and some first rate bench racing.

Saturday evening was filled with more bench racing by the pool back at the Holiday Inn in Danville.   Groups broke off to invade the local restaurants.  Some folks elected to retire early.  Others resumed by the poolside, visited the local nightlife hotspots, or joined the local cruisers.

Sunday was another fine day.  We started early and by lunch, everyone had completed a number of sessions on the track.  We returned after lunch and ran as long as there were cars on the track.

All in all, a great opportunity to learn to drive a truly fine high performance car a little closer to its very high limits.  And just as much fun, a chance to renew old friendships and make new ones.  Does it get better than this?


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The Track

Opened in 1957, Virginia International Raceway had more in common with the long fast European circuits than the shorter tighter American circuits of the era.  The course was 3.27 miles long with 12 turns - known as the "dangerous dozen"  - and two fast straight-aways - the longest at 4000 feet allowing the competitors the chance to really stretch their legs.  The rolling hills of Piedmont Virginia contribute 150 feet of elevation changes to the challenging course.

The first race was won by Ed Hugus in an Alfa-Romeo on August 4, 1957.  Ed went on to drive one of the first two Cobras at Le Mans in 1963.  The first feature race was won by Carroll Shelby in a Maserati 450s.  Carroll described the course as: "One lap here is like a hundred at Watkins Glen."

Distant from major population centers, the track did not draw the crowds it needed to be successful and reverted to a cow pasture in 1974.

A few years ago, a group of enthusiasts purchased the track and re-opened it as what can best be described as an motorsports country club.  The facilities are first rate.   The buildings are in a Virginia colonial style that adds a vintage touch.  The track has been divided into a North Course and a South Course so that two groups can use the facility at the same time. 

The 1.65 mile South Course has 8 turns, a 2300 feet straight-away, and 80 feet in elevation change.

Straight1.jpg (8068 bytes)

One Hot Lap

Coming out of Oak Tree corner in second gear and heading down the Back Straight. The black marks were left by those learning about decreasing radius turns. The 2300 feet straight drops 40 feet (that is a 4 story building) over the first half, then gains it back in the second half.

Straight2.jpg (6270 bytes)  

Into third and then fourth.  Speeds reach 130 mph heading up the hill.  At this point the Bitch is invisible.

bitch.jpg (7715 bytes) Cresting the rise reveals the Bitch.  Cones on the rise marked the braking points, but if you ignored them and still have your foot on the right petal at this point, its time to look for the escape road.  Several people made this wise (and safe) choice.  This is a fast second gear or slow third gear corner, but the line is more important than the gear. The Bitch is not constant radius and requires careful attention to line to achieve best speed.  It is aptly named.
BitchChute.jpg (7097 bytes)  

A short 900 feet straight follows the Bitch.   Speeds of 100 mph in third are attained before braking for the Spiral.  Watch the braking points.  The track topography make the Spiral a blind entry.

spiral.jpg (8231 bytes) The Spiral is left-right-left combination that is fast enough to be taken in third gear.  It is perhaps the most interesting part of the South Course. The track drops an undulating 80 feet from the Bitch through Spiral to Fish Hook.  The elevation changes combined with the turns makes it seem as much like flying as racing.  The lead car is headed for Fish Hook, a flat second gear right-hand u-turn that lured a number of drivers into the grass.
SouthBend.jpg (8666 bytes)  

Out of Fish Hook, into third, and accelerate 800 feet to the kink called South Bend. It seems fast enough to take flat out.  It isn't.  Tap the brakes, set the car, and continue to accelerate.

SouthBendChute.jpg (8716 bytes)  

An up and down 650 feet straight after South Bend allows red line in third at 105 mph before braking for Oak Tree.

oaktree.jpg (11888 bytes)  

Oak Tree is a double apex decreasing radius turn requiring a heal and toe downshift into second while turning and braking.  It takes some skill to extract the potential of the car in this complex turn and to set up correctly for the run down the straight.  Abundant tire marks coming into, inside, and exiting the turn testify to the learning experience going on.


waterski.jpg (13313 bytes)

Dennis and Bob instructing a couple of rookies on the correct technique for water-skiing on asphalt.

obriant.jpg (13574 bytes)

Billy and Rosemary O'Briant with matching driving suits. Way cool dudes!

pat.jpg (12571 bytes)

OK Pat, we're back. You can open your eyes now!

spence.jpg (13854 bytes)

Tony and Angela Spence with Billy O'Briant exhorting the Mustangs to greater speed

quicktop.jpg (14231 bytes)

Not as weather resistant as the original top, but it goes up quick!

KingOfTheHill.jpg (10825 bytes)

The King of the Sports Cars
and the King of the Mustangs
duke it out down the straight

Robb.jpg (10116 bytes)

Jeff Robb launches the beautiful and quick Malachite Green SP443

ItBites.jpg (9281 bytes)

NamVet.jpg (7837 bytes)

Serpent.jpg (8069 bytes)

As always, creative plates abounded


fan.jpg (15189 bytes)

A fan watches Mark Ray stage his 2000 Mustang with Vortex supercharger

MustangNewAndOld.jpg (13608 bytes)

A potent 2000 Mustang Cobra R followed by an 1967 Mustang with a wild 427

Berlinetta.jpg (15159 bytes)

Lee Davis showed up with his
Datsun Z based 300 Berlinetta GTO.
This gave rise to some historically interesting images on the track.

CSX.jpg (10767 bytes)

Steve Sunshine brought his CSX 4000 down from New Jersey


The Folks

There were quite a few families and a number of spouses and other family members taking a turn behind the wheel.

The Superformance Mk III's

Dick Abbott SP 195

Lee Brock SP 427
Becky Brock
Sons - Eric and Tyler (both went with Bob and Dennis around the track)

Kenny Brown SP 285
Sharon Brown
Son David

Daren Cave SP 580
Mickey Cave Co-driver - Daren’s brother
Wife Annette (she also drives the car often)
Daughter Rachel. Daren took Rachel around the track in his T-Bird during the open session - she was absolutely thrilled (Age approximately 4)

Mike Caveness SP 311
Beth Caveness Co-driver
Sons Brian and Christian

Dean Coates SP 606
Mike Allen Co-Driver
Dean’s girlfriend Avis was also in attendance

Dan Cullather SP 648
Joyce McEwen Co-driver

Terry Freck SP 263
David Freck Co-driver Terry’s brother

Kevin Frederick SP 774
David Frederick Co-driver Kevin’s dad
Kevin’s wife Lynette also attended

Jerry Hall SP 615
Francine Hall Jerry’s wife attended.

Gene Harris SP 670
Sandy Harris Gene’s wife - passenger

Bob Jordan SP 181

John Klein SP 572
Jake Klein Co-driver John’s son

Ralph Lovelace SP 544
Carol Lovelace Co-driver

Mac McCombs SP 732
Bill McCombs Co-driver - Mac’s son
Mac’s wife Peggy also attended

David McRae SP 151

Walt Malcolm SP 313
Bubba Saunders Co-driver - Walt’s brother-in-law

Lou Matthews SP 256
Carol Matthews Co-driver

Billy O’Briant SP 453
Rosemary O’Briant Co-driver
Son Slade also attended

Carl Page SP 735

Chris Phelps SP 674
Scott Lalone Co-driver

Richard Pike - SP 705

Gerry Poynter SP 534
Angie Poynter Co-driver

Marvin Preble SP 607
Scott Surrett Co-driver
Eric Preble (Marvin’s grandson) attended.

Richard Price SP 746

Doug Reed SP 116 One Lap Car
Ronnie Reed Co-driver. Doug’s brother

Chuck Bacigalyn - Other Bordeaux One Lap car.
Pete Tufaro Co-driver
Pete Jr Co-driver

Mark Rhoades SP 603
Bradley Davis Co-driver

Jeff Robb SP 443

Tony Spence SP 197
Angela Spence Passenger

Mike Stenhouse SP 218
Pat Stenhouse Passenger

David Sugg SP 239

Bill Sullivan SP 487
James Thomas Co-driver

Rod Waltermann SP 227
Lisa Waltermann Co-driver

Alan Wisne SP 345
Kathy Wisne Co-driver

Jerry Witt SP 410

Ed Zaptin SP 714
Ed Zaptin Jr Co-driver

John & Amy Klacik SP 421
Attended but didn’t enter their car

Mark Smith SP 803
Attended on Saturday. He is doing his own installation and his car isn’t ready yet.

The Mustangs

Wade Brown - Mustang Cobra

Dr Ed Bull - 86 SVO Mustang
Vicky Chafin Co-driver

Bobby Byrd - 93 Mustang
Kevin Underwood Co-driver

Rich Fekete - ‘84 Mustang

Andy Killian - Mustang

Andy Kirby - ‘90 Mustang
Dean Ruth Co-driver

Anthony Moretz - Ford Mustang
Nathan Moretz Co-driver

Chad Moretz - Ford Cobra Mustang
Rick Long Co-driver

Earl Morris - ‘85 Mustang
Mike Morris Co-driver

Jerry Mullins - ‘86 Mustang

Don Pendleton - Mustang GT
Patsy Lyda Co-driver

Steve Pendleton - Mustang
Don Pendleton Co-driver

Mark Ray - Mustang 2000

Will Sadler - Mustang
Kim Sadler Co-driver

Jerry Schneider - ‘69 Mustang
Craig Ring Co-driver
Mark Lamaska Co-driver

Bryan Shugg - Mustang

Robert Thornton - Mustang Cobra

Ed Turner - Mustang

The Others

Bill Bradford - Ford Thunderbird
Fred Washam Co-driver

Lee Davis - 300 Berlinetta GTO
Wade Schaible Co-driver

Mitch Franklin - NAF Cobra Replica

George Moretz - Porsche

Dan Ostrower Porsche 944
Walter Holle Co-driver

Steve Sunshine - Shelby CSX 4000 Series Cobra Replica


Organizers.jpg (10526 bytes)

Bob Olthoff, Jim Smith, and Larry Miller at the Driver's Meeting

Smiths.jpg (11784 bytes)

Susan Smith giving Jim his instructions at the starting line

tech.jpg (10332 bytes)

Nice digs for technical inspection

A Special Thanks

A number of folks put in a considerable effort behind the scenes to make this event work smoothly and enjoyably for everyone.  Many thanks to:

Bob, Baby, and Dennis Olthoff for putting the event together.

Clerk of the Course: Larry Miller
Starter: Jimmy Smith

Kathy Miller
Sue Smith
Pat Stenhouse
Angela Spence

Tech Inspection:
Bruce Weber
Paul Whitlock

Corner Workers:
Beth and Mike Caveness
Hal and Chris Copple
Terry Freck
Lynette Frederick
Bob Jordan
Rick Pearce
Pete Petoskey
Linda and Jerry Plummer
Eric Preble, Jr.
Bruce Weber
Jimmy Witty

A special thanks to Bob Jordan for producing the Second Strike t-shirts.

A special thanks to Paul Whitlock (aka Ace Mechanic) for the assistance he rendered to the wounded machines.