Second Strike and Olthoff Racing
are proud to announce
Second Strike On Track - Spring 2001
At Virginia International Raceway
Memorial Day Weekend, May 26 and 27, 2001

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VirDawn.jpg (10717 bytes)
Dawn breaks over the rolling Virginia Piedmont. The drivers gather in the morning mist. Their leader gives them the mission for the day and the rules of engagement. They turn and walk to their waiting machines, slip into the cockpit and strap themselves in. They pull on their helmets and goggles. One pump, a second pump, then hit the starter. The starter whines. One cylinder lights off, then another. The engine bellows to life. The sweet perfume of high octane fuel permeates the air. A few revs to clear the plugs then taxi to the starting grid. Oil pressure - check. Water temperature - check. Oil temperature - check. Then it is your time to launch. Revs up and holding. Breath deeply. The flag drops. Tires claw for traction. The engine screams to the redline, then second, then third, then fourth. Speed builds rapidly - then it is time to brake and turn. Heavy g forces pull you forward against your harness, then sideways, then back in your seat again as you apply full throttle toward the next turn, the engine thundering in your ears.

Your car was born for this! This is your destiny! Be there!

Friday May 25

At Holiday Inn

4:00 pm on Motel Registration
5:00 to
7:00 pm
Event Registration and
Tech Inspection
Saturday May 26


7:00 am VIR gates open
7:30 to
8:30 am
Event Registration
Tech Inspection
8:30 am Driver's Meeting
9:00 am First Group Launches
Noon to 1:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Restart
5:00 pm Close for the Day


7 pm Entertainment (Tentative)
Sunday May 27


7:00 am VIR gates open
8:30 am Driver's Meeting
9:00 am First Group Launches
Noon to 1:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Restart
5:00 pm Event Wrap-up

Premiere Facility
Virginia International Raceway (VIR) is one of the premiere road course facilities in the country. It is in high demand and is booked almost year-round.  We are very fortunate to have acquired the choice Memorial Day weekend.  We will be on the South Course again. The 1.65 mile South Course has 8 turns, a 2300 feet straight-away, and 80 feet in elevation change.

The Events
This is not a race.  Drivers are released onto the track at intervals.  There is no wheel to wheel competition and no timekeeping.  Passing is permitted in designated areas.  Drivers are divided into groups based on experience and speed so that you can drive as fast as you feel comfortable. If you want to go flat out, you can. but you don't have to. The number of cars on the track are limited to give you plenty of room to stretch your legs without bunching up behind slower cars.

In addition to the track events, we will include Figure 8 and Autocross with instructors for newcomers to teach handling at the limit.  Special Ladies Sessions for Figure 8, Autocross, and Track will be provided for those who prefer not to run with the testosterone crowd.

Central Location
VIR is located just east of Danville, Virginia.  Danville is on US 29 on the North Carolina/Virginia border. VIR is centrally located on the East Coast and is accessible to owners from as far away as New England, Florida, and the Mid West in a single day's drive.   And of course, you have Memorial Day on Monday to make a leisurely drive home.

Lots of Track Time
The event is scheduled to give each driver 150 to 180 minutes of track time over the course of the two day event.  This is works out to around 125 to 150 laps or 200 to 250 miles of high speed driving.  This is a Second Strike owners group event, so fees are reasonable - about $2 a minute.  Other track events such as SAAC run as high as $4 a minute.

Register Early
If you have been to one of our events in the past, we know you will be back.  If you have never been and want to know what it is like, see Second Strike On Track -  Fall 2000 at VIR. Click on Register for Second Strike On Track Spring 2001 at VIR on that page to return here. Our fall event had 62 cars on the track, more than Run and Gun 2000.

In order to provide everyone with plenty of track time and plenty of space on the track, registrations will be limited.  When the spaces are gone, they are gone.  So register early.

Event Sponsors

This event is sponsored by Second Strike, our Superformance Owners Group, and Olthoff Racing, the Southeastern Superformance dealer.

Second Strike
Mike Stenhouse
2123 Crescent Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28207

Olthoff Racing
Bob Olthoff
9850 Mooresville Road
Mt. Ulla, NC 28125


The fee for the two day event is $300 which includes:
- Track time for one or two drivers
- One lunch each day
- One event T-shirt
- One static cling car number
- One complimentary 500cc can of Uniglide

Other food and lodging are an individual responsibility. Additional event T-shirts are available when specified on the registration form.

Click on Registration Form to download and/or print the registration form in PDF format. 

See below for the Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF downloads.

The registration form requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 4.0 or above.  If you don't have it, the Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from Adobe.
Go to or click on

Get Acrobat Reader

to download. Look for "Get Acrobat Reader free!"



As of Monday, April 9, we have 48 paid reservations and another 15 promised.  Please get your reservations in as quickly as possible.  We don't want to miss you and you don't want to miss us.

04/20/01: The band tentatively planned for Saturday night has, well, dis-banded.  We are looking into other types of gatherings for Saturday night.

Hotels and Camping

Get your reservations ASAP.  It is a holiday weekend and rooms are going fast.

Parties calling either hotel should notify reservations clerk that they are with the "Cobra" group. - not Olthoff Racing - not Superformance - not Second Strike. This has been a source of confusion at Holiday Inn.

To get to either hotel: Come into Danville on US 29 from either north or south.  Take US 29 Business (not the bypass).  From US 29 Business, take US 58 East, which is Riverside Drive.  Look for the hotel.

Holiday Inn Express
2121 Riverside Drive
Danville, Virginia 24540
Phone: 1-804-793-4000
FAX: 1-804-799-5516

Tell them that you are with the "Cobra" group.

The Holiday Inn may already be full. The Hampton Inn in Danville is our overflow hotel. It is directly across the street from the Holiday Inn.

Hampton Inn
2130 Riverside Drive
Danville, Virginia 24540
Phone: 1-804-793-1111

Second Overflow
04/28/01: Both the Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn are full. We have another block of rooms at the Super 8.  Tell them that you war with the "Cobra group".  The rooms are in Terry Freck's name.  You may have to be a name dropper to get them connected.

Super 8 Motel
2385 Riverside Drive
Danville, Virginia 24540
Phone: 1-804-799-5845

Additional Hotels in the Area

04/28/01: The VIR Club web site lists a number of hotels in the area.

There is a campsite called Hyco Lake that is only 10 minutes away from VIR. It’s in North Carolina off of Rte. 57 heading towards Roxboro. The cost is $15 for motorhomes and $10 for tents (per night). This includes water, electricity, and a garbage dump. They can be reached at 336-599-4343.

Directions to VIR

04/28/01. See the VIR Club web site .   Directions are after the hotel accommodations on the same page. Just scroll down.


05/15/01: Allen Moore of "Picture This" will be at our event Sunday, May 27.  He will photograph our cars in action for a fee of $20 per shot, $30 for two.  The prints are 8 x 10 (only).  These professional photos are a really good way to remember the event and impress your friends and co-workers when they ask you what you did for memorial day.  Make arrangements with Allen Moore on Sunday at the track.

Event Shirts

05/15/01:  Shirts are in.  Bob Jordan did his normal fantastic job. 
See One Lap 2001 Photo Gallery for photos.

The Numbers

05/15/01:  We have upgraded the numbers.  Each registered car will get a pair of 12" diameter static cling roundels or "meatballs" with the Superformance car number - black numbers on white backgrounds.  Non-Superformance cars will be assigned a number. 

Every car will have to wear these numbers for corner worked identification and event control.  The numbers and instructions for application will be given to you at registration.

Many thanks to David McRae for making the numbers.