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(Updated 12/4/2011)

Second Strike

The Superformance
Owners Group

In the fall of 1997, a group of 30 Superformance owners in the Carolinas started a Superformance owner’s group. We get together several times a year to burn rubber and swap stories. We have a newsletter and a registry. As a group, we have participated in the SAAC conventions, Run and Gun events, as well as other shows and track events. We have represented Superformance and ourselves very well indeed. It has been a lot of fun.

The newsletter found its way to other dealers who in turn passed it on to their customers. Superformance owners from other areas called and asked to be included. Now eleven years later, we have over 3,000 registered owners in all fifty states, DC, and Puerto Rico in the USA and twenty two other countries.

The Superformance Owners Group includes all Superformance makes - Mk III, S1, Coupe, GT40, Grand Sport and Perana.


We have a registry


SAAC (Coupe and GT40)

The Superformance Owners Registry, or SCORE, is a registry of all Superformance makes - Mk III, S1, Coupe, GT40, Grand Sport and Perana - and their owners.

SCORE is the most complete and up to date mailing list of Superformance owners in existence.  It it the primary mailing list used to get in touch with owners for newsletters, events, and factory service bulletins.

The registry information is entered into and maintained in a database system developed and maintained by the SCORE Registrar, Mike Stenhouse. The registry is available to all registered owners (and only to registered owners, Superformance LLC, Superformance dealers, and the Hi-Tech Automotive factory).

The objective is to enhance our enjoyment of our cars and to enhance the value of our investments in our cars. Our goal is to register all Superformance cars in the world and to track their ownership history.

As a Superformance owner entered in the registry, you are automatically a member of the Second Strike owner's association. As of this writing, there are no dues or fees. The only requirement for membership is ownership of a Superformance.

Information submitted to SCORE for the Superformance Coupe and GT40 is automatically included in the SAAC registries for these cars.

To register, go to Registration.


We have a newsletter

Second Strike

The Second Strike newsletter is published every quarter, more or less. Newsletters are currently distributed electronically and are posted for download in the  Newsletters section.

Your contributions to the newsletter are welcome.

Printed back issues of Second Strike are available in the Second Strike Store.


We have a web site


And this is it. Our web site is updated frequently with articles of interest, a calendar of upcoming events, links to other Superformance web sites, and a store with a growing number of goodies.


We have events

The Second Strike Calendar has events hosted by Second Strike, SCOF, Olthoff Racing, SAAC and others.

See VIR Fall 2000 for a typical track event.


We have publications

Publications available to registered owners include full color bound annual editions of the newsletter and registries.

See the Second Strike Store on this web site.


We have a store

We have a growing list of products developed for Superformance cars by Superformance owners.

See the Second Strike Store on this web site.