Mk III Rear Shock Supports 080718-TSB

Please print, read and understand the letter from Lance Stander and the Technical Service Bulletin completely before doing anything else. The Technical Service Bulletin explains the problem, which cars it applies to, and a number of solutions. If you do not feel qualified to do the inspection and/or work yourself, then take the Technical Service Bulletin to a qualified mechanic and have him/her do the inspection and/or work.

As a personal note, I experienced this failure on SP 218 at 32,000 miles. The failure did not render SP 218 undrivable. In fact I drove it to my dealer, Olthoff Racing, to have it repaired. They replaced the brackets on both sides with new stock  brackets and upgraded to longer stronger grade 8 bolts. It was not a warranty item since SP 218 was long out of warranty when the failure occurred. I now have 42,000 miles and have not experienced any further problems. I will however be re-inspecting the situation this winter. I plan to install the upgraded shock mount brackets at that time.

Lance Stander Letter

Technical Service Bulletin

Upgraded Shock Mount Brackets