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Navigation Upgrade

Since Second Strike was started in 1997, this web site has grown substantially. Since the great majority of the content has historical and/or technical significance, little has been deleted. This navigation upgrade makes it easier and faster to find what you are looking for. It is also the foundation for continued growth.

The website has been divided into twelve major topics. Each topic is represented on the new Menu Bar shown at the top of this page. The Menu Bar appears at the top of the page for each major topic. You can easily move from topic to topic with a click on the topic in Menu Bar. Within each topic, the subjects have been organized to help you readily find what you are looking for.

In talking with our owners over the years, it is apparent that a great many of our owners are not internet wizards and do not want to be. Not surprising considering the low tech brute force cars we hold so dear. In keeping with this, The Second Strike website will continue to be simple in design with the emphasis on content, not glitz. For example, the Menu Bar design was chosen over the fancy drop down expanding menu structures because it doesn't require any internet sophistication in the browser (or user for that matter). It will run on any release of any browser.

Try it. Click on each topic in the Menu Bar above.

The Website Map gives the complete contents of the website on a single page with links to subjects.