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Superformance Owners Organizations

Superformance owners are fortunate to have the support of two owners organizations - Second Strike and SCOF.  Although separate organizations, Second Strike and SCOF work closely together on a regular basis to support all Superformance owners. Both Second Strike and SCOF memberships are open only to Superformance owners, dealers and the factory.

Second Strike/SCORE and SCOF are separate registrations.  You must register for each independently and you must keep each current independently. 

Second Strike is the Superformance Owners Group founded by Mike and Pat Stenhouse SP218 in 1997.

Second Strike maintains the Superformance Owners Registry for all owners of all Superformance makes, Mk III, S1, Coupe, GT40, Grand Sport, Perana, and
Mk II FIA. It is important that all Superformance owners, both new and previously owned, register with Second Strike.

Click here for Second Strike registration

Second Strike also maintains the SAAC Coupe and GT40 registries for SAAC. If you are a Coupe or GT40 owner, your registration with Second Strike will also register you with SAAC.

Second Strike owner support also includes:

Mike and Pat Stenhouse

Second Strike

400 Avinger Lane Villa 400

Davidson, NC 28036-6708



SCOF is the Superformance Owners Forum founded by Randall Thomas SP 455 and SP 1002 in 2000. SCOF owner support includes:
  • SCOF, the Yahoo based email forum.
  • superformance.org, the website.
  • Owner Events, including SSR.
  • Products of interest to owners

Click here for SCOF website

Click here for SCOF Member Tools  Some member tools are available to everyone. Some are restricted to registered members and require a password.

Click here for SCOF registration

Randall Thomas

Performance Unlimited

185 W Progress Dr

West Bend, WI 53095-5255