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CSX 9000
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Second Strike V8 N2
Flight of an Ancient Warrior

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Recent Updates

    Mk III Drivetrain Specifications Handbook (11/5/2012)

    Kar Kraft GT40 MK IV Continuation Cars (5/11/2011)

    Olthoff Racing Newsletters (8/18/2010)

    Superformance Mk II FIA (7/21/2010)

    Perana Z-One (2/24/2009 and 7/21/2010)

    Best of Second Strike Special Newsletter Collections (9/18/2009)

    Superformance Announces CSX 9000 Shelby Daytona Coupe (9/8/2009)

    Superformance Announces GT40-R Race Version (9/8/2009)

    Mk III Owners Manual Third Edition (7/15/2009)

    Mk III Console (7/15/2009)

    Corvette Grand Sport (1/28/2009)

    Mk III Rear Shock Supports Technical Service Bulletin (8/28/2008)

    Superformance in Classis Motorsports - Replica vs Real (8/13/2008)

    Second Strike V8 N2 - Flight of an Ancient Warrior (04/15/2008)

    Carburetor Calculator (01/17/2008)

    Superformance in Automobile Quarterly (12/20/2007)

    New Hot Shot - SP 512 (12/20/2007)

    Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge 2007 (8/2/2007)

    Downloadable Second Strike Store Brochure and Order Form (8/2/2007)

    Hot Shots Owners Photo and Technical Gallery (8/1/2007)

    Navigation Upgrade (07/26/2007)

   SAAC 31 Road Trip - Flight 93 Memorial (12/23/2006)

   Second Strike Volume 7 Number 1 Available as PDF Download (10/06/2006)

   Australian Peter Brock 2006 (8/8/2006)

   New Product - KP Racing Components Power Steering System for Mk III (08/02/2006)

   Selected Second Strike Articles Available Online (06/24/2006)